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Much appreciation to Ono Mafemi for the song, "If you don't mind." He was also featured on Vol. 8 if you missed it!

You can visit him at

Song(s) featured by Ono: "If you don't mind" and "Keep Shinnin'" and "When I think about it" on Vol. 35 and "Family" on Vol. 36

Dope ass music and talent featured so far:

Thank you to Kree! She was featured on Vol. 4 and Vol. 12!

Visit her at:

or her

Instagram page: @Kree23

Twitter page: @Kree233 as well as 




Song(s) featured by Kree: "La Noche," "Revelation," "When do we give up"

Shout out to HD from Long Beach, CA for appearing on Vol 5 and Vol. 13! You can visit him at 

Song(s) featured: "Rich Now" and "Next Move" ft. Tommy Will 

Shout out to Evil Miro of the Kronic Blazin Playas. He was featured on Vol. 6, Vol.10 , Vol. 15 and Vol.34!

Download the album here at:

Also, make sure to visit

Song(s) featured: "My Creation," "Da Struggle," "It's just somethin,""Blazin' Away" and"How Da Game Goes"

Thank you to Trae Leon, featured on Vol. 7 and Vol. 14 of the show! Download his solo album here: You can also download his group album with M3 here: Mercenaire-Money-Militia-M3- we-Monstas-mixtape.680460.html .

Want to reach him or M3? Make sure to visit: Leon-AKA-Mista-L-Riddle- 1076053389077171/ 

and mercenairemoneymalitia/.

Song(s) featured: "They told me," "Cypher," and "Mama Said"

Also, thanks to E Fresh for representing Arizona on Vol. 9! Make sure to listen to his music at:

Want to reach him? Make sure to visit:


Twitter @therealefresh 

Snapchat 👻 @therealefreshaz  CONTACT:
Song(s) featured: Arizona


Thank you to Hesus DaGod for leaving us some music in Vol. 11! He also dropped by for a real conversation and left some music in Vol. 30!! Visit him at .

 Also make sure to check out his:

Fb fan page: Hesus

Soundcloud: Hesus DaGod

Twitter: Hesusdagod 


Song(s) featured: "Nobody knows you," "Credit"

Special thank you to PA6$ formerly known as Pablo S. Cobars and Pablo Noesta for the music in Vol. 16 and Vol.39!

You can find all his albums at:

Young N Threatless by Pablo S. Cobars.
https://kameratarecords. threatless
Lucid Dreaming by Pablo Noesta 
https://pablonoesta.bandcamp. com/album/lucid-dreaming
Link to Music Video 
Misunderstood By Pablo Noesta

Song(s) featured: "They don't stand a chance," "Riot," "Til they kill me," "Misunderstood" 

We also want to show In Lessons some love for contributing awesome music in Vol.17! You can find them at and can get free downloads by purchasing through their merch site at! Don't forget to look them up at They can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. Look out for their EP in May!

Song(s) featured: "Idle Hands"

Thanks to Philos Denim for dropping the music on Vol. 18!! Find him at and

Song(s) featured: "Candy Posted,"Shorty wanna gangsta" 

Major appreciation to Shaman for the music in Vol. 19! You can find him at! Show him some love!

Song(s) featured: "Risk It All" 

Thank you to the record label Deep Down Dirty for dropping a few songs from their artists in the UK!! Their Indie Electronic music is all found at, https://www,,,, and!!

Song(s) featured: "The Sequence" by Jason B, "Baby, I'm on a mission" by Frank C, "Say It" (BL.CK Piano Madness Remix) by Geminus & Peacey, "Never Ending Love" by Esee Free

Major appreciation to Breece, who actually stopped by to talk with us and who dropped his single right onto Vol. 21!

Find him on Instagram @breece_mfg, @therealdoncapito, @devancorleone, and @the_big_homie_t/! 

Find his other single "Satellite" on Soundcloud at!! 

Song(s) featured: "Whip Cream" 

 Thank you to MonstRAWsity for their musical contribution in Vol. 25 and Vol.31!  Dok even dropped by to talk sex with us, too. Check them out at, Instagram at, and Twitter @DoK520 or @Pyrothamonsta.  Their EP is coming soon so make sure to tune into that and show them some love!

Song(s) featured: "Oh, Whoa!" and "Hoodies"

Thank you to Tess RedMoon for her talent and beautiful jazz contribution to Vol.26! The song "My heart belongs to daddy" was featured (Performed by Tess RedMoon on vocals, and Willem von Hombracht on bass, and written by Cole Porter). You can hear more at!!! 

Thank you to WAVVR for the musical talent on Vol. 27!! Check him out at or

Major appreciation to Marley B featured on Vol. 29! Local talent from Tucson. Check him out at


Song(s) featured: "Drugs"

Thank you to CR from JOTF Records for dropping by on Vol. 33! You can find him on Facebook under Conscious Rap aka CR, Instagram @CR_908, and Twitter @CR_908.

Song(s) featured: "Orange leaves"

Thank you to Don Capito for stopping by on Vol. 37. Check out his single "Stars Born" on 1-5-19!!!

Thank you to Yung Kartz for the beat!

From all of us at Hush! thank you for the awesome music! If you would like your music featured, just let us know!