Hush! Vol. 52- Cannasexual: cannabis, sex & pleasure

Kim talked cannabis and sex with Ashley Manta, creator of Cannasexual. Pleasure, different types of relationships, and everything in between... Did you know the clit had legs?

Hush! Vol. 51- Dominating Singapore

Enter the world of a Dominatrix in Singapore... We had a blast talking to Mistress Estella as she enlightened us about the world of BDSM. Find her at The idea of power, control, fear, passion and pleasure were brought to light. 

Hush! Vol. 50- The Taboo Talk (STD awareness)

We had the "taboo" talk about STDs with Jenelle Marie Pierce, executive director of The STD Project and founder of the Herpes Activists Network. Breaking down stigmas, raising awareness, resources to turn to, and finding the courage to talk about STDs are all found here!

Hush! Vol. 49- One on One with Ember Snow

We got to chat with Ember Snow one on one and dive into things like: what movie made her cry, what turns her on, favorite sex position, pizza being life, video games, Marvel superheros, and what gives her an adrenaline rush!!! Tune in to discover more about her...

Hush! Vol. 48- One on One with Cindy Starfall

We welcomed Cindy Starfall to the show!!! Curved dicks, straight dicks, open relationships, embracing sexuality, never pleasing everyone, and even hiding her porn star career in the beginning- Join us for the shit you love to hear!

Hush! Vol. 47- Getting Deep with Alice Little

Alice Little, from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, joined us to talk life as a legal sex worker, the importance of communication, sex education, being sex positive and everything in between!!

Vol. 46- Is that your cousin or are you happy to see me?

 We witnessed that Alabama flavor as we spoke to Shane from the Bearded Dad Podcast. Nothing was off bounds- everything from v card stories, Alabama southern stigmas, to wild ass strip club experiences!!! Check him out on Google Play, or Instagram @beardeddadpodcast, or Twitter @BeardedDadPod!!! 

Hush! Vol. 45- Cali Connect

We had so much fun chatting with LA comedian, Erik Escobar!! Check him out at!!! No holds barred. Cheeseburgers, pain meds, California connections, and much more fun included!!

Hush! Vol. 44- Genesis

Not your average brothel... This one is filled with sex dolls. Wait! What? Plus nicknames for genitals, top search term on Pornhub in 2018, top predictions for sex trends in 2019... and Kim and Chris breaking down the new direction of the podcast and giving YOU their biggest Thank Yous!! 

Hush! Vol. 43- One one One with Alexis Fawx

Okay guys, here it is!!!! We had so much fun chatting with the lovely and beautiful, Alexis Fawx. You name it- hard dicks, weed, threesomes, relationship advice, owning your sexuality, and other fun facts you didn't know about Alexis Fawx!!

Hush! Vol. 42- A Legit Love Story

Here is the episode all about love!!! We featured Kim's sister, Jessica and her boyfriend, Quinn, and let them tell their love story. A sweet treat for the Valentine's Day holiday. Hope you enjoy!