Hush! Vol. 41- We like sex, don't you?

What does it mean to be sex positive? And when it comes to slut shaming- is slut, cunt, ho, whore, bitch worse than the other? Also, being halfway catfished, and ghosted until someone is dtf. And... lies said to a significant other plus subliminal messages on social media.

Vol. 40- We are only human & humans fuck

Thot audits, creamy pussies, dry spells, being a ho in your 30s, virginity concepts, Bob Marley, outside sources weighing into relationships... This is Vol. 40!

Vol. 39- Shout out to everything

Is getting head better than getting pussy? And we finally dived deep into R. Kelly. Thanks to Mike for joining us & dropping the shoutouts necessary!

Vol. 37- Pull Out and Reset

From boppers to blowjobs, we got it all. What holidays do you fuck? Plus, celebrity crushes, secret joints, and the pull out and reset method.

Vol. 36- Tugs, Wanks, and The Other Woman

Drum roll please... We discuss everything about being "The Other Woman." Don't miss our Never Have I Ever session. Also included: tugs and wanks, impersonations, and positive tips for couples!

Vol. 35- Who's your daddy?

From farting to changing names in your contacts to multiple baby daddies and baby mamas, we have it all! Plus communication issues/arguments with your partner and getting deep about bbw!

Vol. 33- Back Bitches!!!

We're back!! If your significant other let you sleep with their friend, would you do it? If they wore something too showy, are they "asking for it?" Plus slapping, flash mobs, plasthick, getting footed, strip teasing and lap dances. We hope you enjoy!

Vol. 32- I fucked a porn star

Finally back with a new episode! We found someone who had sex with a porn star. Plus porn star conventions and women who love porn!

Vol. 31- Just an old fashioned bbq

We finally got this out to you! Sorry for the wait. Our special guest, Dok, from Monstrawsity, dropped to by to leave dope ass music from their album and talk about sex... BBQs and husbands included!

Vol. 30- Musical Missionary

First of all, sorry for the major technical difficulties... We tried our hardest to bring you Hesus Da God. We explored if men spit the same game, Dominatrix, and what Hesus would love to see from his music! Real deep talk. Enjoy!

Vol. 29- But first, let me take a selfie

Scratch and sniff, pink eye, taking the perfect ass selfie, strange pic requests and so much more!

Vol. 28- Mega Mashup

A  mashup of some of the highlights of our shows! 

Vol. 27- I can do it, but you can't

Double standards, sexual harrassment, and groupies! It's all here! 

Vol. 26- Eww, could you not?

Pet peeves, letting go of negativity, divorce issues, being grateful for our guests, self improvement all in this volume for you! Sorry for the late upload from Cinco de Mayo. Just know we appreciate you all still tuning in!

Vol. 25- What's in your vagina?

Chillin in the boat, Bill Cosby, alien egg implantation, and strange things girls put in their vagina... Sorry for the wait! Hope you enjoy!

Vol. 24- I don't think that's where condoms go

Sorry it's been so long... We are back with the shit you love to hear! Everything from condom snorting, glistening dicks and if we could be happy without sex?

Vol. 22- Hey... what you wearing though?

Hoeing for dummies, panties and boxer briefs, plus sex talk with our children all in this episode!

Vol. 21- Rapper's Delight

 Breece, one of Tucson's talented, dropped his single "Whip Cream" right here exclusively!! Angry sex, high speed road head, and accepting yourself for you all discussed here!